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All the artworks without reserve price have a €0 starting point. During the auction you can make your bid:
· min € 50 Euro › up till € 1.000 Euro
· min. € 100 Euro › from € 1.000 to € 5.000 Euro
· min. € 500 Euro › over € 5.000 Euro

Artworks with reserve price
The reserve price corresponds to the minimum confidential price below which the lot will not be sold. It may be higher than the starting price indicated in the catalog. BASEZERO reserves the right to make an offer in the interest of the seller until the reserve price is reached. Lots with reserve price are indicated in the catalog.
You can place your bid in three ways:
Via Web › Connecting to the dedicated page and participating to the current Auction, by clicking on the offer button of the artwork you are interested in.
Joining physically the auction › You could join the auction in person, and bid by raising your hand.
Over the phone › Fill in the Documentation and send it to us via mail to in order to be contacted during the auction.
Congratulations! You have been assigned the artwork you have bid for! Well keep in mind that on top of the price you have bid for, you will have to recognise BASEZERO the auction rights which are between 17% and 28% of the final bidding price, depending by the auction. The correct value is specified in each auction catalog.
1. BASEZERO puts for sale all lots in selected public spaces, BASEZERO will act as an exclusive agent in name of each seller, the sellers name will be registered in the P.S. registry held by BASEZERO. All sales agreements, – with the exception of goods sold directly by BASEZERO – are affecting the seller. BASEZERO will not be held responsible by the buyer or any other third party, for any situation except the one included in the role of the agent.
2. BASEZERO reserves the right to exclude from auction any lot, without any notice.
3. The artwork that will be put on auction will be rewarded to the highest bidder. The payment will have to take place within 7 days from the auction closing, through bank payment, cash or cashier's cheque. Within the regulation in matter of money laundering, the cash payment will be accepted only for less than a total value of € 999,99.
4. Within the same time frame as the payment (as per point 3), the buyer will pay BASEZERO, on top of the successful bidding price, an amount between 17% and 28% of the successful bidding price as fee for Auction rights, depending by the auction. The correct value is specified in each auction catalog. This amount includes VAT and eventual resale right. In case of missing payment, BASEZERO will be able to proceed alternately for the enforcement of the purchase and the payment, or shall sell the lot based on private negotiation or through a further auction even to the detriment of the awarded contractor, except in any case the compensation of the suffered damages. The item shall be safeguarded by BASEZERO at awarded contractor's risks and costs until it shall be sold as above described or given back to the Seller as agreed with him.
5. In order to comply with all administrative requirements and to assure a successful bidding process, each participant to the auction should fill in the participation form including all of your personal details, together with a copy of a valid ID and social security number.
6. BASEZERO can accept mandate for the purchase of a lot (written offers, telephone bids or internet bids) up to an agreed limit amount, those bids will be communicated to the audience of the auction by the auctioneer.
7. In case we should receive two identical written offers for the same lot by two separate bidders, the offer that will be recognised as valid, will be the one which was submitted first. BASEZERO reserves the right to refuse the bids of unknown or perceived unreliable bidders; In case a deposit for the full bid amount should be paid, the bid will be accepted, the same applies in case BASEZERO will be provided with other satisfactory and tangible guarantees. The moment the lot will be rewarded to a bidder BASEZERO will ask the bidder to confirm identity and will ask also to supply bank references, the same will apply to any information required for the completion of purchase. In case the information given will prove to be wrong or incomplete (including information ex art. 5) BASEZERO reserves the right to revoke the successful bid.
8. BASEZERO, will not be held responsible for the information contained in the catalogue, in the brochure, on its own internet site and in any other promotional or informative documentation (complying art. 1229 codice civile).The descriptions mentioned by BASEZERO are simply an indication and should not, by any circumstances, be considered as the only source of information on which you base your purchase; you should consider the possibility to have all items examined and eventually arrange for someone to do it for you. In order to support this type of activities, BASEZERO organises in advance, an exhibition of all lots destined to the auction, this will enable you to access the quality, status origin and authenticity of the artwork you plan to bid for.
To facilitate the reading of our auction catalogues you should intend the dimensional measurements in this order: height, width and depth. Under the tag "Provenienza" (translates into "Origin") you will see the stamps and the labels of the galleries that have been applied on the back of the painting and eventually the information resulting from previously published data regarding the lot.
9. In case the lot should receive bids before the auction starts, the auction will have as a starting bid, the highest bid received.
10. The winner of the bid once has paid both the value of the artwork, and the fees for auction rights will have to arrange collection of the items, in case this should not be done some discretionary expenses will be debited after 7 days of Auction closure. Only upon request from the buyer of the lot, BASEZERO could be available to support the buyer in arranging the shipment, please kindly note that in this case all incurring risks and costs would be under the responsibilities of the buyer (including shipping and handling, packaging, transport and insurance).
11. All mentioned conditions must apply, but BASEZERO may decide to agree on different conditions together with the buyer, including instalments, storage in a private/public storage or sell privately the lots that were bid for but wouldn't be paid and picked up on timely matter, as much as insure the artwork, manage disputes made by (or towards) the buyer, more generally, BASEZERO reserves the right to carry out any initiative and/or action that is considered appropriate in order to receive the due amounts from the auction winner.
12. BASEZERO is not to be held responsible for any export regulations and for any limits that may apply to the acquired lots; neither for licencing nor for achieving permits. The buyer only, should arrange by himself the entire documentation required and make sure that he/she complies with current legislation applied in Italy and in the country of destination.
13. Once the buyer has paid in full the due amount (bidding price plus auctions fees), BASEZERO will issue the certificate of warranty and of origin for each of the purchased lots.
14. These general sales conditions, (published also on the web site, are to be considered as accepted by all participants to the auctions in all details described in the website; if you need any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. All disputes resulting from this Agreement, relating to its validity or in connection with these Sales conditions shall be disputed in the court of Busto Arsizio; the language of dispute proceedings is Italian.

For more informations write to BASEZERO, via Stampa Soncino, 7 Saronno (VA)