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If you would like to sell your artwork you can contact us clicking on the Registration button.

Basezero scouts for young bright talents.
BASEZERO is a new reality in the contemporary art market that has one objective: "art grows with you".
In our portfolio we represent both young new artists who still haven't had the opportunity to be present in the auction-world and want to gain exposure through their talent, and accomplished artists that accept the challenge of sharing our objective.
Every artwork will be put on action with a traditional auction method with a free bid without reserve price.
With this type of offer we are certain to stimulate a large number of buyers, future new collectors that will enjoy bidding for your artwork.

You can use this as an opportunity as we can:
· Increase the value of your artwork (we estimate to have more than five thousand potential bidders through the on-line auction).
· Create visibility though our channels (website e Facebook pages) and tailored pre-auction and auction events.
· Include your name within the national (Arsvalue) and International (Artprice) databases of contemporary and modern art.
· Introduce your artwork to the auction without asking for any fee.

Please be aware that it is in our interest to have a lively and active interaction during the auctions.
The published results of the major Italian auction houses tell us that normally the lower the starting price is, the greater the bids will be during the auction. Statistically the final bidding price is always higher than the expectations.

With this dynamics we can create a long term relationship, without major commitments, with a win-win situation for both parties.
The presence of your artwork in an auction is the start of documenting the activity of an artist.

*** The artwork will all be collected by the date indicated on the page Auction ***
The commission that you will recognise to Basezero will be 20% of the final bidding price.